Who knew a Shopkin’s sticker would be so important?


As I sat down tonight on the couch, I looked around at the mess. I thought to myself how it’s never ending. By now it’s 10pm and it’s maybe the first time of the day I sat down and it was quiet or I wasn’t trying to get a billion things done while taking care of our three kids. Then I glanced to the left of my arm and on the couch I see a Shopkin’s sticker stuck to the couch. Normally my instant thought would be something along the lines of I HATE STICKERS. But, something about that sticker made everything different. I’m not sure what it is about tonight.  Maybe because today was the first day in almost 11 months that I haven’t nursed my daughter. So, that’s made me a little emotional, lol. Who knows??

After I held that sticker I looked around and I seen the cute little rain boots by the door. The Wii controller’s all crooked from where the baby crawled over and messed them up. The messy pile of toys in the living room next to me.  I hear the dog and cat snoring and I can hear my son in his bed clinking toys together when he should have been asleep a while ago.



For once I’m not stressed out from the mess. Usually I am thinking about all the things I didn’t get done today that I have been telling myself I would do for months! Now, I usually get the basics done everyday. You know. The dishes, sweep, make beds, clean up after all the meals, straighten the living room for the billionth time and if I’m feeling froggy I do some laundry. But tonight I sat here and could care less. All I can think about is how fast these babies are growing. That someday sooner than later they won’t be here anymore, in this house. Those cute little rain boots will no longer sit next to the door.  The toys won’t be in the middle of the floor and that tiny little Shopkin sticker will no longer be found on this couch. Thinking of my babies growing up is the weirdest thing. I get happy and excited and then that’s immediately followed by panic and sadness.  I’m going to miss finding the random sticker and telling them to put their shoes where they go 7428 times a day.  All of the small details are the ones I will miss dearly and I’m terrified I will forget them.


I remember when I had my oldest daughter. I was only 18, and I didn’t have a clue about motherhood the way I thought I did. Now, looking back I realize what a baby I was.  Mentally I just wasn’t where I am now. Even though at the time I felt like I was so different from everyone else my age. I really wasn’t. I remember I couldn’t wait until my daughter got a little older so we could do things together. I was always wishing her a little older. I never lived in the present moment with her and really cherished it the way I do now. That is something I will forever regret. Now that I’m a little older and have experienced a little more I know that the times go by too fast. Just like every grandma you’ve ever met tells you. Well, it’s probably the realest thing you’ll ever hear. The saying “the days are long but the years are short” is true. Oh, how true it is.

So, tonight I am thankful for this sticker. It has reminded me to slow down and not care so much about the mess. The house will get clean. Maybe not the way I want it clean and probably not until the kids have all grown up. And that’s OK. From now on I hope to always remember how that one little sticker made me realize something that I too often forget. Caring a little less about what the house looks like can leave you a little more time to play Mario-Kart with your daughter.


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  • Reply Hope June 11, 2016 at 12:59 am

    An older lady once told me she regretted the time she wasted cleaning up after her kids all the time! I thought it was pretty good advice ?

    • Reply Fantastically Florence June 11, 2016 at 1:03 am

      Yes. Great advice! You never will get the time back!

  • Reply Kristy June 11, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    I absolutely love this Amber! And I feel the same exact way! You rush through days in a whirlwind and just try to keep up. Then you sit down at night and can’t believe it is over. This is a beautiful reminder!!

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