What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…right?

Happy November!


Today I am blogging about all things that I have missed in the past week and a half.

Which is A LOT!

It’s been a crazy roller coaster in the Florence house and I’m here to tell you all about it!

It’s been some good, bad, then good again, and probably bad again, haha!

It’s all about balance, right!?

Let’s start with the house stuff.

We no longer have a contract on either house.

Not our house and not the new home.

Things went left real fast and it was decided it just wasn’t a good fit!

So, now moving on we have some repairs to do to our house and then we will be starting the showing process all over again.

Which is a NIGHTMARE.

Seriously, every time I think about having to start showings all over again I want to find a closet to die in.

I’m just going to push through and try to remember the light at the end of the bumpy ass road.

I’m not the person that will ever say “it couldn’t be worse” – because it could be worse.

I am thankful that we still have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

So, even though it got bad I know it will be good again, eventually.

Since I have began to let peace into my life and not take every bad situation and dwell on it life is better.

Apparently there are books about it and I need to find them!

Just redirecting that bad energy and figuring out a new plan can make things so much better.

Now the good!

We spent the weekend having so much fall fun!

From trick or trunks to going to a farm it was a great time!

Jaxson took his first pony ride and the kids played in a pit of corn and hay!

The best kinds of places to go with kids are the ones where you don’t have to be constantly chasing after them, right?

So, naturally a pit of anything is fine by me. Haha!

Just stick them in there and relax and let them play!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend and made lots of good memories and ate the good stuff from the kids candy. Haha!










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