Update on baby bean


I was wanting to post a little follow up about what is going on with the baby bean.

Also, we are so grateful for all the kind words and support we have received!

Thank you to all who have been thinking of us.

Follow up:

I went in for lab work this morning to check HCG levels and progesterone.

The nurse called me back this afternoon and told me that HCG was only 700 now.

Monday, HCG was 1200 and progesterone was low also. So my doctor said that that is pretty low for me to be as far as I should be.

Now today when they called and said the levels dropped even more it was pretty clear to me that this will most likely end in miscarriage.

The nurse also mentioned that if I started to have any bleeding I would need to go to the ER so I could get my Rhogam shot since I am Rh Negative. Which from what I understand is that if I did not get the shot when and if I began to bleed then my body would reject any future pregnancies. SO, Rhogam is IMPORTANT!

By the way when the nurse called me I was at Kentucky Kingdom with Mady and Jaxson to spend some fun time before Mady leaves for Florida with her dad on Friday.

Well, a few minutes after that phone call what do ya know! The bleeding begins. (sorry for the realness)

Good thing my sister was with us so the kids got to stay at the park and have a good day!

I called Greg and he came home and we went to the doctor together where they gave me an ultrasound.

The ultrasound now shows a yolk sac! Which is pretty weird/crazy since Monday there was nothing in there.

So now going by the ultrasound baby is measuring 5 weeks and 1 day.

There was also fluid above my sac Monday that is gone now and the doctor assumes that is where my bleeding is coming from.

The doctor explained that she has seen some pretty crazy stuff and can’t say for sure of anything right now.

Due to my numbers dropping it still looks like I will miscarry BUT then again she said it could be a fluke.

So weird.

I will go back again Friday morning for more labs and then again next Friday for another ultrasound.

For now we wait and just see what happens.

Either way we know what’s meant to be will be and we are okay with whatever that may be.

Again, I wanted to thank EVERYONE for being so great and accepting my openness!

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