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Happy Fall ya’ll!

Today is the first day of fall and I couldn’t be more excited! Something about fall just makes me feel better about life!  I get to dress these kids in cute fall clothing and the weather gets cooler! It’s AH-mazing. (Even though it’s still in the 90’s here in Kentucky -Boo!)

A little update about what’s been going on this week.

Yesterday our house was officially up for sale! We’ve only been here four years but we’ve grown out of our little cozy home. So, it’s time for us to take that scary step and move up to a little bigger. It’s exciting for us and we can’t wait to see where we will be at this time next year. We’ve talked about selling our home since we were expecting Rowan but never started the process. So, like Greg and I do everything- one day we randomly just said IT’S TIME. And, here we are! After a couple weeks worth of very hard work and lots and lots of cleaning and organizing the sign is in the front yard. Let the games begin! Today is our first showing and I would LOVE to know the secret to keeping the house spotless with three kids during this showing process! Haha!

Rowan turned 14 months old this week too! I can’t get over how freaking cute she is! I love watching her learn new things and figure everything out. She still has just one little tooth sticking up on the bottom, and it’s just the cutest. She is starting to say more words and really hold a good babbling conversation with you these days. It’s pretty hilarious. She is a pro at walking now and even runs a little when she knows she’s about to be redirected from something she shouldn’t be doing! Ha. This little girl is the one I’m going to have to really keep my eye on. Girl is FEARLESS. She has definitely fell off our bed a lot more than any other kid of ours. (Don’t judge me- she’s fast and has no fear! Haha!) She just gets right back up and keeps it moving though. She is a tough little thing that’s for sure. We are so lucky that she is ours!



On another note, Mady’s school open house was this week. I’m a total momnerd and I love going to school functions for our kids! We got to meet her new teacher and take a look at her classroom and some things she’s been working on. They did an activity for the parents to read and pick which paper they thought was their child. One of the questions was ‘What is your favorite food?’ All I had to do was find which paper said ‘sushi’ and I knew that would be our girl. Haha! Sure enough hers said ‘Sushi’! Then Mady took us on a little tour around the school and Jaxson was loving it! These are the moments that make me the happiest and know that being a mom is exactly what I was meant for.


Today is going to be the busiest day of the week. I have a senior photo session that I’m doing tonight while we have our showing of the house. I took a little break from photography after I had Rowan and I’m excited to have a couple hours tonight and do what I love to do – uninterrupted! Then after my photo session I have the monthly blogging live chat that I participate in every month! When I signed up for At Home With Natalie’s blogging course I was invited to a private Facebook group and every month she hosts a live chat with everyone from the course! It has helped me out so much in the blogging world and I as well as many others LOVE it.


We also took a trip to the zoo this week! It’s been a fun busy week of mom’n so hard but it’s totally worth it!

Happy Fall and Happy Grey’s night! Woo!