Summer Break


Summer is here!

This will be the first summer with three kids! (deep breaths)

We’re less than a week into it and so far it’s been smooth.

Like I stated above. LESS THAN A WEEK IN. Haha!

That means the kids haven’t drove me too crazy just yet.

I’ve been making sure we get out daily because if we stay in the house all day it will be meltdown mania!


So far we’ve had trips to the splash park, library, the always lovely Chick-Fil-A, a small day trip to visit friends in the country and lots of neighborhood friends to play with and ride bikes with.



Mady’s soccer just ended and Jaxson’s T-ball is coming to a close. (Which I am SO ready for!)

I’d say summer is going pretty good for these kids!

We are so lucky to have so many fun FREE options around where we live.

Having all of these options really makes things so much easier for us!

What do you all have planned with your families this summer?!



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