Smoothie WIN!


Our kids LOVE smoothies! Anything cold and sweet is always a win!

So why not throw some veggies in with the fruit!?

I have a VERY picky eater.

His name is Jaxson.

He’s three and drives me bonkers every time we sit down to eat.

I dread supper time with him most days.

Oh, and he hates when I say it’s supper time because to him that means he has to eat nasty food. Lol.


So, the only way I can sneak in his veggies is by hiding them in a smoothie.

Here is their favorite smoothie I make:

-Strawberries or any other berries you have


-fresh spinach

-ground flax seed

-water and/or ice


Sometimes I use all fresh fruit and veggies and sometimes I buy the frozen bags.

Also, when it comes to measuring I usually just add a handful of each and go by taste.

If you like smoothies a little more watery then just add more water.

It seems like they drink more of it when it is thinner and not so thick.

We’ve been using a Ninja Blender for a couple of months now and it has been LOVE.

I always packed the other blenders I had too full and they would start smoking. LOL. Whoops.

So the Ninja has been perfect for us!


Good luck on your smoothie adventures!

If you have any great veggie filled smoothie recipes feel free to comment some! I’m always open to new ideas! 🙂


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