Saying goodbye to twenty five and hello twenty six!


Saying hello to September also means saying good bye twenty five & hello, twenty six.

The past few years I have tried to hang on to the last few seconds I have of the younger ages.

Not because I have enjoyed my early 20’s like a normal early 20 something. It was really from all the pressure there is to stay young!

I thought the normal thing to do at this time would be to run and cry because I am officially coming into my ‘late twenties’!

Yes, I still kind of considered 25 early 20s. Don’t judge me! Haha!

But this year is different. This year I have seen myself turn into a REAL. LIVE. ADULT.

Even though I’ve been a mother for over 7 years now that definitely didn’t mean that I instantly became a grown up as soon as I gave birth. (Which took quite some time, I might add)

When I had my first daughter at 18 I still had so much to learn about myself.

Even when I had Jaxson at 22 I felt that I was so mature. If someone would have told me I still have a lot of growing up to do back then, I would have been so offended! I had the grown up lifestyle down, yes. We had our own house, car and did everything it took to pay our bills. Little did I realize, I still had much more mental maturing to do!

This past year has brought so much calmness and understanding to my life.

I used to be the girl that would get so worked up over the smallest things. As a mother I had zero confidence. I wasn’t as motivated as I am today. I was a bit of a slacker. I would stress about things out of my control to the point that I would feel ill. If something upset me that morning then that would set the tone for the day. Unfortunately, all of those set backs would affect my motherhood and life!

Some things I have learned this year are –


Be the person you want to be.

If there is a bump in the road I can now gracefully figure out the next steps. I don’t let my stress affect our life because that stress that I feel in the moment won’t last forever. At this time tomorrow or next week or whenever, this small thing won’t matter. I probably won’t even remember what the issue was the way my memory is these days! Haha!

Letting go of all the worry and stress is so refreshing! I feel so much lighter and can truly enjoy the now.

Twenty five has absolutely been the best year yet. There were no houses bought this year, no babies born, or anything wildly exciting. We’ve still had the usual hardships this year that most people deal with. We lost a sweet baby a few months ago and are still processing that a bit. So, this year has by no means just been a piece of cake. It’s all about how I have taught myself to deal with life. Because, well, life happens and if these things weren’t happening then I wouldn’t be living!

So, with that being said I am happy to say good bye to twenty five and hello to another year older! Honestly, this adult thing is my favorite! Hey – I’ve even been proudly rocking our kid full mini van! No shame over here! I mean, the automatic sliding doors are what’s up! Haha! Here’s to another grateful year older and embracing age! I look forward to growing even more this year, becoming more of the person I want to be and hopefully growing our family by one more.


A happy almost 26 year old.







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  • Reply Justine September 1, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Happy birthday to you!! I can totally identify with this feeling, the peace about having closed another year and the excitement/courage that comes with gearing up for the next, whatever it may bring. And you have such a beautiful family 🙂 I hope you had an awesome day!

    …also, rock on with the minivan! We just got one and I’m all stoked about my mom status ha ha. Rock on!

    • Reply Fantastically Florence September 1, 2016 at 7:04 pm

      Thank you! You’re so sweet! Yesss! Loving my mom status in the van. It gave me a little confidence boost rolling around with all these little ones, haha!

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