Rowan & Mommy Time

Having three kids can be a little crazy at times, as far as spending time with each one of them and making sure that you’re not focusing more on one than the other and blah blah.

It’s HARD, guys! Haha!

Sure, with my first I was all about being strict and eating organic and this and that.

Then Jaxson came along and yeah I was still pretty much a crunchy Mom.

Everything was new and exciting still and I wanted to do it all!

Then came the third little sweetheart, Rowan.

This girl just goes with the flow of her older siblings and she gets all the toys that they had and we don’t really go out of the way to do a lot of just Rowan things.

I know that sounds terrible saying it out loud but she LOVES going along and getting to do all the fun things Mady & Jaxson do, and let me tell ya, the girl keeps up! HA!

So, with all of this being said yesterday we had a morning for Rowan!

I found a cute Mommy place that was hosting a toddler ice painting group!

The older kids stayed home with Greg and off we went.

Even though my GPS lied to me and got me lost and late, by the way (hate being late) I wasn’t going to let me walking in late stop us from this freakin’ ice painting for my girl! HA.

Mama was on a mission!

I sat out in the parking lot after I finally found it (15 minutes late) and got the nerve to finally walk in.

Mind you, I had no clue what I was walking into.

I wasn’t sure if I’d walk in and it would be super organized and quiet and everyone look at me like a crazy late person or if anyone would even notice…hopefully NOT!

Okay, so long story short we went in and it was so awesome!

Not super organized and it was very go with the flow and laid back just like we like it!

I awkwardly stood there for a minute while Rowan went off to check it all out and I finally just introduced myself to another Mom that was just as awkward as me, Haha, and it was her first time there too!

I felt so much more relaxed and okay once I was in there with Rowan and she was loving it!

The Moms were so nice and open and I wasn’t the only newbie so that was a win! Ha!

 I am so glad that I didn’t let my social anxiety get in the way of letting Rowan have some much needed solo time out today.

She had so much fun and was able to interact with other little ones her age and my favorite part was that it was just her and I.

We came home and hung her little painting on the refrigerator and it’s just the best!

I definitely want and need to make these things happen more because these moments are so precious.


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