Pregnancy – Week 6

Hello, hello!

Here is my first official pregnancy update since announcing we were expecting our ((hopeful)) rainbow baby last week!

Since I haven’t been told an exact due date because we think I ovulated late I’m just going to go with saying I’m about 6 weeks 3 days along right now.

Should be 7 weeks 2 days going by my last cycle.

So far I’ve had symptoms but very different than my other three successful pregnancies.

I’m trying to not take that as a bad sign and just know that every single pregnancy is different and keep the hope for the baby and myself!

Symptoms include:

On and off nausea – More often when my stomach is empty.

Smell EVERYTHING – I can smell all the things! Let me just say the fair last night with all the cows and poop had me wanting to rip my nose off. Just imagine the smell x 10. Yuck!

Tired! – Okay, so the first two weeks after getting my positive pregnancy test I was exhausted. I even napped one day which is very rare for me.

Energy – This is a weird one, normally in the first few weeks of pregnancy is when you’re the most tired but since this last week I’ve actually had more energy during the day! It could be from having a new schedule and starting our day earlier and being productive. I’m not sure but I like it! My house likes it too because I’ve been getting so much done!

Boobs – They’re noticeably bigger! I’ll take it.

Insomnia – You suck. I completely forgot all about the early pregnancy insomnia that I had with Rowan! Like I don’t need my sleep or something?!

Cravings – I cannot tell you how many Philly cheesesteaks I’ve had in the last month from Penn Station. Banana peppers and Mayo, please! Another thing I’ve been craving are lots off veggies and soup! Yum. Basically if I’m not craving something I don’t even want to eat.

Dreams – Pregnancy dreams are weird. I’ll just leave that there.

I think thats’s about all right now that I can think of. I did have a lot of random cramping for a couple of weeks but all of that is completley normal. It just made me super nervous because of the sub chronic hemorrhage and the previous losses.

I’ve been trying to take it easy with the hemorrhage but with a busy life and three kids it’s easier said than done.

I haven’t spotted any or bled anymore recently like I’ve been expecting to so I’m really not sure what’s going to happen there or if maybe my body has already absorbed the bleed?

There’ so many unknowns at the moment until my next ultrasound next week which basically feels like a lifetime away. Haha.

That’s all I have for now! Thank you all for the love and support I’ve received!

There’s so many of you that have been on this ride with me this last year and its been so good knowing I have so many supporters and women that have been here.

 I’m so looking forward to sharing this whole journey on my blog and I’m hopeful that this little baby is going to grow!


The fortune cookie I got last week that now hangs on the refrigerator with the ultrasound picture.




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