Please don’t confuse me for “perfect”

As I was in the middle of writting a blog about our fall break family fun (still to come) things were happening around me.

Things that happen around me every. single. day.

I get a lot of compliments from so many wonderful people all the time about how good of a mom I am and how cute our house is and SO many amazing compliments that I truly take to heart.

For me these are the very things that I take pride in and consider my “job”.

Now I am here to tell you – Please don’t confuse my Instagram feed for a picture perfect life.

Yes, I am proud of the parent I am, most days.

Some days I bake cookies and read stories and I am the most patient and understanding mom you’ve ever seen.

Then, some days I’m none of the above.

I can loose my temper and want to hide in the closet to keep from hearing “mom” for the 2365412 time in the last 20 minutes.

Those are the days when I watch my babies sleep at night because I feel like I’ve failed them as a mother that day.

In our family I do often do parenting on my own for the most part.

My husband works a lot and is usually gone from before the kids wake up until they are going to sleep.

That’s just our life right now and we make it work.

So, please don’t confuse us for ‘the perfect family’ because we are not.

Just because I choose not to publicy complain about life and how hard it is day to day does not mean we aren’t having the same daily struggles as everyone else.

 We just handle them differently and I know this too shall pass.

Sure, I am proud that our house stays somewhat liveable and “cute”.

It takes a lot to keep it that way though so it never lasts. I realized some time ago that I can’t do it all!

 To have a perfect house you can’t have perfectly happy kids. At least I can’t. I’m sure it’s possible just not in my world.

As long as my dishes are done, floors aren’t horrible and the bathroom is okay, then I’m good.

I am just like you! I’m just like every other mother in the world literally giving it her all and sometimes falling flat on my face.

I am by no means perfect I just try really really hard at being the best mom I can be.

Motherhood is my ‘thing’ just like maybe cooking or cars are someone else’s ‘thing’.

I have a daughter that is wearing her first REAL bra today and then I have a son who peed outside in the middle of a public place yesterday. (Yes, really.)

Did I know exactly how to handle these situations with grace at the time? Nope. I just rolled with it.

In fact I am currently feeding my baby endless crackers so I can get this post done! Haha.

I’m learning everyday and I try to be a better mother than I was the day before.

Some days I suceed and somedays not so much and I’m okay with that.

Now, I’m back off to being the perfect mom and wife that I am and I’m going to rock that sh*t! Haha!





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