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Okay. So here’s the thing. Having three kids is HARD. Not necessarily like I hate life and can’t wait until they grow up kind of hard. (I don’t approve of them growing up any time soon and I love the life we live!) Just the kind of hard where everything you do is a bit of a hassle and you always need a good plan. If not, you will end the night feeling way too stressed out and not have any relax time for yourself! That relax time for yourself is crucial! Need it. Gotta have it!

The kids are getting older. Mady is in 2nd grade and Jaxson is almost 4. Our bedtime routine over the years obviously has changed. I know that it will forever be evolving depending on the season we are in with the kids and the different ages and stages. However, this year I have decided to make a set schedule that we are going to stick with!

I have this thing called mom guilt come over my body more often than not. I would feel bad that Jaxson was going to bed before Mady. Then I would tell myself- well, he doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow so why not let him stay up?! Then there’s the other guilt with Mady. I would feel bad when she would come back from her dads and we would go straight to the bedtime routine. There would be no time for her to just relax and hang out. So, sometimes I would just let her have that extra 30 minutes or an hour. Now this year there is another guilt…the homework. In my perfect world the kids would go to school, come home and have a few hours to play and BE KIDS! Unfortunately, that’s impossible this year. This 2nd grade homework is no joke. Homework this year takes about an hour now and that’s not even including the spelling words we have to study each night. So there is another 45 mintues or so. By time homework is done it’s time to eat dinner and so on.

What I do notice on the nights that we are off our routine is grumpy kids, stressed parents, restless kids that can’t fall asleep. Also, Mady has been slower waking up this year. After all of these negative effects from not always sticking to my schedule I have decided that we will from now on be strict with this schedule. No more mom guilt or other people making me feel guilty with the crazy looks when I inform them of our schedule.

Schedule to follow:

schedule for school


I am aware this schedule seems so crammed! Yes, I hate it but I know this is what is going to work best for our family. Also, this will all be in the window of 4pm-8:30. Crazy right!?

Rowan’s schedule will stay the same. She is on a great schedule…for now. (I’m positive I’m jinxing us, lol.) She goes to bed between 7-8pm every night and it works out so well! Once she is down for the night then I have more time to focus on the bigger kids. Last night I talked to Mady about this new schedule and she was so into it! She got her little notepad and was jotting it all down. Haha! I truly believe kids thrive off of schedules and it’s so important to give them that structure.

Happy kids, Happy life!




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