Our love story


I usually post all about the kids and our outings & I never share a lot about my marriage.

When you have kids it’s easy to get caught up in being a mom and by the end of the day when your husband gets home you’re touched out. I know I am at least.

So, I wanted to be open about our love life and how it all started!

First off, Greg and I were introduced online when I was about thirteen years old.

Remember when AIM was a big thing? Yeah, well that’s where we first chatted.

How weird? I know, as I type this and think back how awkward is that!? Haha!

A mutual friend told us about each other and then we went from online to texting. Nothing ever came of it.

Then at some point I was supposed to meet him in person.

Well, I flaked on him and never went to where we were supposed to meet.

Then not too long after that when I was fourteen I met my high school sweetheart and that was that.

I remember seeing Greg around when I would go into his job, and at school but that was about it.

Not long after that I became friends with more of Greg’s friends in high school and that lead to us seeing each other more.

We would go to Greg’s house after school sometimes and I would mostly just sit there. Quiet. Lol.

Little did I know that would be my future in-laws house! Haha, so crazy!

I wasn’t a people person in high school. At all. I liked to people watch. I remember thinking Greg was so intimidating! He wasn’t scared to ever hold anything back. (what a little jerk?!)

 I would sit there and not say a word because I wasn’t about to be embarrassed in front of everyone! Nope. Not happening!

High school ended and I remained close friends with his friends but never really talked to him at all.

Some random texts sometimes but that was all.

The attraction was there, yes. I just never thought of him as someone I wanted to be with.

So we dated other people and I became a teen mom. (that sounds terrible! But, it is what it is!)

Yeah, that happened. I had my beautiful daughter, Mady, when I was only eighteen.

 I was with her dad and engaged to him for a couple of years.

We decided that it just wasn’t going to work out so it ended.

I felt like I was too young, it just didn’t feel right.

I thought just because I had a child with someone doesn’t mean that I had to stay with that person.

Her dad was a great man.  We were just two very different people, and that’s okay.

Little did I know not long after we split that I would be (re)meeting Greg.

When I say not long, I mean just a few weeks.

Yes, I know how terrible that sounds. But hey, life happens!

And am I SOOO glad it did.


I went out with my friend on St. Patricks Day and we ended up going to Greg’s brothers house to see an old friend of mine and after that night Greg and I have texted/messaged each other everyday since then.

(March 17, 2011)

Funny thing, I remember people telling me we wouldn’t last. Or that I was making bad decisions, but I KNEW what I wanted.  I seen my future in him like never before.  He was it.

Now, here we are, five years later married, with a house and three beautiful kids, a dog, a cat & two turtles and life is great!

We dream together about our future and what else is to come in life.

I truly believe we were meant to be.


Our life might not have went the way we had imagined it, but I know this is who I was supposed to marry. Without all the bumps in the road before we knew we were the ones for each other I wouldn’t have my daughter, Mady.

 I wouldn’t have had all the lessons in life that made me the person I am today.

So, no matter what I am forever grateful for the journey that I have taken in life.

Just because certain things happen in your life doesn’t mean that is the road you have to take.

You always have choices.

Even if doing what YOU feel is right for yourself  is hard, it will always be worth it in the end!

You are in control of what your future looks like, so make it a good one. 🙂





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