Mother’s Day


Mother’s day for our family was spent like any other day!

Greg spoiled me and made me feel like the greatest mom EVER!

The kids got me cute little gifts from around the house.

Mady got me an adorable little card, that was pretty hilarious.

mothers day1

We got to end the night with a soccer game that lasted way later than bed time.

Jaxson fell right in a huge mud puddle. (literally)- like in the puddle on his butt.

Oh! Did I mention that I was a slacker on Mother’s day and my children hadn’t had supper before the game?

Haha, yeah. That happened.

 So, on top of the late game we had to figure out the food plan on the way home.

Luckily, my favorite in-laws were at the game and took us to get some burritos! Score!

Meanwhile, Greg was stuck at the soccer field where his work truck wouldn’t start.

We eventually made it home!

And it was the quickest bedtime routine EVER! Lol.

I’m sure many other people can relate to the chaos that comes with motherhood.

Isn’t it the best!? Lol.

I try to take it all in and be as calm as I can be when I know things aren’t going as planned.

Just give myself a little woosah, and we’re good to go!

We’re just living in the season and doing the best we can!

I hope everyone had a great, memorable Mother’s Day!

BUT this is what Mother’s day truly looked like for us as I’m sure many of you can relate!

mothers day 2

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