Madelyn’s birth story

I have been wanting to post these personal memories for a while and I am kind of sad that I have waited so long. It’s hard to remember all of the little details that were so special to me. That’s the strange thing when you give birth. Even though in the moment of it happening it is such a big moment and you think how you will NEVER forget how painful or exhausting it is. You forget. It’s like you get amnesia. Now, I can remember moments but I definitely don’t remember details the way I wish I did. So, I strongly encourage every mother to keep a diary or anything about your pregnancy & birth experiences.

With my first, Madelyn. I was only 18. So the thought of writing down the special time wasn’t on my radar. I was just excited for it to happen and to have my sweet little baby in my arms. I didn’t really understand the significance of the whole experience the way I would a few years later with my other two. Then, when I had my second time just got away from me and before I knew it here I am 11 months already after our third was born! So here it is! I’ll be posting Jaxson & Rowan’s birth stories this week also! Don’t worry, they get faster! Haha!

Madelyn Corynn

Due date was February 28, 2009. I had a lot of false labor with her. At least what I thought was false labor. Like I said she was my first and I was 18. That should tell you everything. Lol. We were so excited that every time I would get any contraction we were sure it was go time. We got sent home from the hospital once or twice. Finally, the night of February 23rd I was literally up all night. I was SO uncomfortable all night. When your 9 months pregnant you get used to being uncomfortable and not sleeping well. This night was different. My back was throbbing. All night! I had a early doctor’s appointment the next day so when we got up to go to it I didn’t eat. I just assumed I would eat something when we left. (BIG MISTAKE) When we arrived at the doctor I got checked and I was 3cm dilated! I was so shocked. Apparently, I was in labor all night. There is back labor which I knew nothing about! We were sent straight to the hospital due to my blood pressure also being up pretty high. I’ll never forget how shocked, and excited and then nervous I was all within just a few minutes. So we went to the hospital and walked up to the labor and delivery and got our room. Thinking back now it’s pretty hysterical how much I looked like a pregnant teen walking in that hospital. (I was wearing a black Hinder shirt I got from a concert. Hahah. How embarrassing!) Once we were settled it gets very blurry for me. What I do remember is we had so many visitors! People waiting for this precious girl filled up the waiting room. Little did we all know we would be waiting for oh, about 18 hours.

Now the process was starting. I decided to get my epidural not long after I was in the hospital. Thinking back now I should have waited a little longer. I was so scared of the pain that I wanted to make sure I had the epidural! Hours went by and I wasn’t dilating anymore. They ended up breaking my water which helped dilate a little. I don’t remember if I was even contracting at this point or not. They started me on pitocin and from what I remember that wasn’t doing a lot for me either. They ended up putting something on my cervix to help along with the progress. Now this is all HOURS later. Not sure on exact times. At one point they had to put a monitor on the baby so we could hear the heart rate better. I remember being so hungry! This is why I stated above that not eating before my appointment was a BIG MISTAKE! Once, you’re admitted in the hospital you can no longer eat or drink. Ice chips were an option but I was so beyond those darn ice chips. I NEEDED WATER. I remember I would try to take sips of my melted ice and it would make me throw up. That was annoying.

Finally after days with no sleep and a whole day with nothing to eat or drink it was push time at 3:00am! I didn’t know what to expect! I had Madelyn’s dad, my mom and his mom in the room. I pushed for 1 hour and 6 minutes and Madelyn was born February 25th at 4:06am! She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 19 inches long. When she came out I was hysterically crying. So much emotion. I swear in that moment all my emotions I had never had in my life came to me. I was so happy she was finally here and it was finally over! In that moment I swore I would never give birth again!  LOL. That was the most intense day/night of my life! I remember when they first laid her on me she wasn’t crying so all I knew to do (from the movies) was to pat her on the butt! Lol. She started crying seconds later and all was great! She had the craziest cone head too! Everyone came in to meet her and then they all went home and Mady’s dad and I were put into our recovery room. Thinking I would now be able to get some rest. HA. That didn’t happen! The nurses brought her to us not long after we were in the room and she cried and cried and CRIED! I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom and she didn’t answer and I thought to myself. I can’t call my mom. I am the mom. We made it through that and I was able to breastfeed her for the first few days and then started her on formula. The DR recommended formula because she had a pretty bad case of jaundice. We went home from the hospital on her due date Feb.28th and here we are 7 years later. Going into 2nd grade this year so smart and absolutely beautiful. Inside and out! She is something to be proud of.



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