Jaxson O’Neil is 3.5 years old today!


In the blink of an eye our boy turned 3 years old and now today he is 3.5 years old!! The closer to 4 he gets the more bittersweet it is. Like HOW did this happen!? I swear he just turned one! Seriously.

Normally, this isn’t a celebratory event. But today is the exception! This little guy is going to be getting his tonsils removed in two days and my heart just can’t take it! So today baby boy, we will be excited for you for turning 3.5 years old!

Jaxson is the most outgoing, kind hearted little man I have ever met. He looks and acts just like his daddy. He loves his cars, trucks, trains, planes, monster trucks, tractors… basically anything with wheels. He’s all boy. He’s our little man.

The anxiety has set in about his upcoming surgery. I know it is a normal procedure and they do this ALL the time…but this is new for us! LOL. The anxiety you get knowing that something like this is coming to your child and you can’t trade places with them is so heartbreaking and scary. I couldn’t imagine what it feels like for other parents that have to deal with much bigger things than this on a daily basis.

Now with all this being said, I know that it’s going to go great! I know they will take excellent care of our baby boy. Plus after it’s all said and done he’s going to LOVE eating loads of ice cream!! Lol


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