Infertility is a tricky little thing.

It’s a word I never imagined I would be using in my family planning vocabulary.

Some would think that infertility isn’t something I deal with because I have three healthy babies. (Myself included)

And with that being said, honestly I do feel guilty even associating myself with that ugly word.

I feel guilty because of the millions of women that struggle with infertility and can’t become pregnant with their own children at all.

The ones that have been trying for years and years with no luck, or the countless miscarriages they have gone through.

The hundreds and thousands of dollars they’ve spent on pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, and other infertility treatments just for one baby.

I feel for you women, I hurt for you women, and I cry for you women.

I’ve been in denial for so long and never use the word for myself.

I have finally accepted and am trying to cope with the truth of my reality that I struggle with infertility.

It sounds a bit selfish coming from a mother of three but it is my reality.

It may not be every moment that I have the gut wrenching sadness from the miscarriages but it’s there.

I deal with the monthly disappointment of not getting a positive test and then when I think that MAYBE I really am pregnant this time soon after that exciting thought, I feel scared.

I’m scared that it’s just going to happen all over again.

Then I start questioning myself asking what would I do if it happened again??

Would I want to tell anyone we’re pregnant this time if we are??

Will it be healthy??

Am I the problem??

Can I physically and emotionally handle another miscarriage??


When we were going through our losses it was hard for me to process.

I was devastated when we got the news every time at the doctor but it seemed like as soon as I stepped out of that office it wasn’t real.

Even with all the blood and cramping it wasn’t real to me.

I don’t think I ever really mentally dealt with it myself.

As the months have went by and here we are 5 months after my last miscarriage and the last time we saw that tiny heartbeat on the monitor, I can’t help but think about so many things.

Like, when we go to a family event and I watch our children hold and love on their 12 week old baby cousin, I can’t help but imagine how much they would of loved their 12 week old baby so much.

And how our baby would be the same age as their baby cousin is right now.

Or when I went to my best friends baby shower over the weekend I was also reminded that I should also be almost 8 months pregnant with her and we could have matching baby bumps.

I am so happy for these new babies and all to come with pregnancy all around me I just get hit every now and then with a tinge of sadness when I remember my babies and what they would be today.

What would those babies be like?

Would they have been a girl or a boy?

Would they of looked just like my others or would they be the first redhead of my babies?

So many thoughts linger through my head daily.

I’m finally going to allow myself to use this word infertility for myself.

I’m not going to feel guilty using it anymore because I miss my babies.

I miss feeling safe once I got the positive pregnancy test because I will never feel that safety again.

I went from it being hard for me to conceive to being able to conceive then loose the babies before I could meet them.

It absolutely terrifies me to think of going through it all over again, but I know in my heart we are meant to have another baby to love.

Not sure what that will look like or if I will be able to carry our baby but we will have one when the time comes.

After hundreds of negative pregnancy tests, one chemical pregnancy, and two miscarriages I am being honest and sharing my heart that I deal with infertility as a mother of three and its okay that I admit that.



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  • Reply Jessica May 8, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Amber I’m so sorry your are going through all this! To be honest even though I had Hailey and James with no problems Kevin and I decided to try again after James turned 3 but we surrfered 3 miscarriages it was hard I was physically and mentally destroyed I couldn’t believe that it happened after two healthy pregnancies. I gave my body time to rest and now we are expecting a baby girl but I have been scared the whole time and still scared at this very moment worried something is going to go wrong. I really hope you get to expand your family like you and Greg want it will happen just give it time and don’t worry about being scared it’s your right to be!

    • Reply Fantastically Florence May 8, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      Thank you so much and congratulations on your rainbow baby! What a great story, thank you for giving me hope. xo

  • Reply Kristy May 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    This is so brave Amber! I too have felt and sometimes feel the way you do! We had three healthy babies right in a row then decided to slow down and put some space in. Once we decided we wanted another we tried and tried. Then finally we were pregnant but we lost it. I was broken. On doctors advice we waited and tried again but nothing. It was all I could think of. But I finally got to the point that I was able to put it past me and be so thankful for the three I have. Happy and healthy and so much more than so many others could dream of. It must have been God’s plan for us to have three. I was finally okay with that. Then you know what?! We found out we were pregnant for Vayda! Now that she is two I am back to the point where I would love another but my husband and I decided we were leaving it all up to Him. It will happen if he wants and we are going to love our blessed life with our four babies! I know everything will work out just the way it’s planned. Hang tough and keep praying!!

  • Reply Whitney Pegram May 8, 2017 at 1:59 pm


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