Spring is in the air and it has motivated me to start doing some serious redecorating! I’m loving the light colors here lately. I’m also really into the classic look. With a little farmhouse thrown in there. I’ve been making some updates here and there in the past couple of weeks that make me feel like I’ve really got something to work with here, haha! Despite having a pretty small house for five people right now I’m making it work. At least until we take the step to getting a bigger home.

My spring bucket list:

  • White wash the brick fireplace in our bedroom
  • Do SOMETHING with the landscaping out front
  • Hang picture collage in living room

Ok, so that might not sound like a long list BUT for me. It is, LOL!

Hey, Speaking of hanging stuff on the walls I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends for making my gorgeous wall art! I love, love, love my new pieces from her! She has such a good hand and is so talented.  She seems to know almost exactly what you’re looking for and how to get you what you want. You guys should definitely go check her page out.  She is super fast in getting you what you want and the prices are affordable! Her Facebook and Instagram links are located below! Check her out and follow her!

Porter House Works on Instagram

Porter House Works on Facebook


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