Home Updates!

Since we got home from vacation I got right into the swing of making some changes to our home!

We live in a 3 bedroom ranch with 2 living room areas. When Rowan was born we turned the 2nd living area that we had as a playroom into mine and hubby’s bedroom! It wasn’t meant to be a bedroom. So, it doesn’t have a closet and there is a door to the garage in it. But it works for us! We didn’t really do anything to make it cute. Just threw our furniture in there and I bought a closet thing from Target. We already painted it and got new carpet for it when it was the playroom. So that part is done!

Now, thanks to Pinterest and some of my lovely fellow blogging mama’s I’m inspired to pretty it up and make it somewhere to relax! I’m going to post the NOW pictures along with the mess of cleaning out EVERYTHING. Because we can’t always be picture perfect, right!? Haha!


So far I’m still in love with our comforter set from Target and the ‘Love’ sign.

Now I’m just going to base the rest of the room around those things!


Hubby and I went to Target the other day after a couple of margarita’s and well that’s how the armadillo lamps happened. Haha, it works out though because we’re a little obsessed with these guys.


I found this beautiful mirror on sale AND I got a discount at Kirkland’s!

As soon as I seen this mirror I knew it would be perfect!


Now this is where it gets a little crazy!

We have this lovely area in our room with this mess of a fire place. (That doesn’t even work!)

SO- I’m going to white wash this lovely thing and make a few changes to it!

Then I have to figure out what to do with all this junk I’m cleaning out!


So this is what is happening over here right now.

These are the before pictures with some small updates that I’ve already done.

I can’t wait to update you all with the finished product!


The Florence Family

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