Home Sweet Home

Friday, May 19, 2017 we signed the papers to our new home that we have dreamed of for quite sometime now.

The whole journey really began last September when we decided to put our first home up for sale after owning it for almost five years.

We moved into that house as a starter home when Mady was three years old and I was nine months pregnant with Jaxson.

We quickly grew out of it and always knew we would want try to find something bigger when we could!

So, in September we signed all the papers cleaned the crap out of the house and boxed things up and boom it was time to start showings.

We got our first offer October 10th on Jaxson’s fourth birthday and another offer the following day!

We were SO excited but I just felt like it was all happening too easy because for us and a lot of people things don’t just happen like that, haha!

Everything was going well until the home inspection and then it hit the fan, haha! (I can laugh now because its OVER)

The inspections were a nightmare for us.

There were just a lot of expensive things that needed to be replaced and fixed and we just didn’t have the means to do so.

That was a huge disappointment.

We ended up loosing the buyer and decided to go ahead and scrape together the funds to get what they asked for fixed so the next buyer hopefully wouldn’t have a bad inspection.

The house went back up a few weeks later for sale and we quickly had another offer and THE SAME THING HAPPENED.

I actually cried some real tears that time from the huge disappointment.

Going through all of this plus the miscarriage at the same time was rough.

I’m usually the positive one that just tries to figure out what we’re going to to next to make this happen for us but this time I felt defeated.

We ended up going off the market for a few weeks after that and we decided to go ahead and get a new roof!

When we went back on the market it was a weekend so I cleaned the house super good and we packed the kids up and stayed at a hotel with a pool that weekend and there were about 25 showings overall and we had a winning offer right off the bat!

That offer worked out so well and I knew it was all worth the wait, hard work and dedication to get that house sold!

Now, here we were with our house almost sold and we didn’t have a house.

The last two times we got the offers we quickly found a new house and had contracts under them but then lost them once our buyers backed out.

This time the market was different and people were basically out to kill.

Haha, not really but really..

We looked and weren’t finding anything at all so we gave building a shot.

Let me just tell you, I was in way over my head with the building thing.

I went back and forth for days and days.

My gut was telling me NO but the unrealistic side of me wanted the nice new huge house that was very expensive.

My unrealistic side ended up winning for like a day.

We went to sign all the papers and pick out everything from the location of the lot to where cable outlets would be placed in the new house and the whole time we were in that meeting it was like I was watching everything from the outside in.

You know that cliche thing? The outer body experience?

Yeah, that was happening to me.

I had so much on my mind- How would we afford this? Is this the right decision? I really wanted a bigger yard and I didnt want a HOA.

Also, during all of this we thought Rowan had pneumonia (according to the ER the day before).

So, after this meeting I had to take Rowan to the DR for a follow up and make sure she would be okay because Greg and I were supposed to leave the next freakin day for our first ever vacation without kids! (Yeah I was having a freak out).

I got to the DR and on the way there literally cried to Greg and told him I think we made a huge mistake and I needed him to FIX IT.

Normally I’m the calm and collected one that goes with the flow but this time I was legit freaking out and felt so out of control!

Okay long story short Greg walks in the exam room and met Rowan and I and he already spoke with our realtor and cancelled everything! Then I cried happy tears! HAHA!

THEN the Dr made the day even better and said that Rowan was misdiagnosed and he made me feel so much better about leaving her.

I knew she would be in good hands but being a Mama and leaving your sick baby its just not a good feeling.

Also, that night Rowan was already getting better so I felt SO much better!

Okay, back to the house thing..

Now we were back to just looking for a regular house.

BUT we were stuck with a 6 month apartment lease now.

I didn’t think it would be that bad because of the way the market was then and then BOOM we found our house and had to break our apartment lease and spend a butt load of money doing that and here we are folks!!!

I am sitting in my new house that fits our family much better and couldn’t be happier!

We bought this house for a great price and its a fixer upper for us but the location and yard is what really made us fall in love.

 When we closed on the house and met the man that grew old here with his wife and raised six kids in this home I just knew it was meant to be.

He was a sweet spunky little thing too, haha.

He told us the story of when he started a petition on the street years ago to keep our street a dead end when the city wanted to open it up and he won!

He also told us that he got the street lights installed all down our street to make it safer for all of the kids to play!

He had so many cute stories and it just made my day.

His wife and him moved into this house when it was just built and they were the only owners until now.

They moved in the same day as the neighbors and they became best friends! HOW CUTE!?

This house has so much character and I can just feel all the memories it holds.

For me I know this was meant to be and everything worked out the way it was supposed to, like it always does.

Through all the defeat and obstacles this is right!

The pictures Im sharing today are some of the before pictures!

I promise as soon as I get my updates complete I will share everything with you all!

We began renovations the day we moved in so its been crazy since day uno, hah!

I haven’t unpacked everything yet and we have a lot of furniture we still need to get and some of our furniture we already had doesn’t fit where we need it!

So, there is just stuff everywhere right now.

My goal is for the kitchen to be completed in the next 2-3 weeks and then we can move to the bathrooms.

Let me just tell you about these bathrooms..

One has purple tile floor, which isn’t too bad, but the other has CARPET! EW.

I have a lot of plans for this house and can’t wait to show you all the before and afters!

Im going with the ‘modern farmhouse theme’ is that a thing? Haha!

Pinterest is my shizz right now and Instagram is giving me life.

Im also learning that everything will mess up and take more time than you planned!

Okay, brace yourselves for some of these pictures I will have a lot more pictures of the whole house once the kitchen is done. You’ll get to see bedrooms, upstairs, lower level, downstairs, the yard.

I just need to find my camera charger in one of these boxes…seriously!

I love these steps and our walk path to the front door.

This is the original stove and oven that came with the house. I thought it was a microwave, Haha.

I have big plans down here and I already have the paint!

We plan to make a fourth bedroom but for now they love sharing a room!


For those of you going through a hard time know that nothing lasts forever. This is only a season and it will pass and with a lot of work and dedication your goals with be accomplished if you don’t give up!

Hang in there, you got this!

Sorry I couldn’t show you the whole house because there are a lot more things that I wanted to show but I seriously can’t find my camera charger!






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