Happy Monday//Funny Story

Happy Monday!

Today it’s finally looking like fall here!

Now, if my boots would just get here already that’d be great! Haha!

So, over the weekend we found the cutest house only to soon find out it was already under contract. Boo.

It’s okay though because I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

We had more showing’s on our house over the weekend and a possible buyer *fingers crossed* this week.

Now, look…

I need this house to sell soon because home girl can’t handle much more of this showing process.

Keeping this house spotless with three kids and a cat and a dog is nearly impossible. It is seriously stressing me out!

It’s already hard enough to keep it clean. On top of that having to keep packing the kids up and animals every time we have to show the house is a TASK.

Funny story – We had a showing over the weekend and it was only scheduled for 15 minutes. So, instead of asking someone to come to their house for a while I decided to just ride around with the kids for a little bit. We came home 5 minutes after the showing was supposed to be over and nobody was here. So, we came inside. 10 minutes later I see a car pull up out front! Just as I was un-buttonnig my pants, by the way! So, I packed the kids back up and rush out of the house. Even though they were 15 minutes past their time to be here I smiled to them and apologized and we left. I get it. Things come up. I promise, I get it…

Now, fast forward to this lovely morning when I received our feedback email from them. They stated that “Owner of the house seems to be confused about showings and when to be gone.” Then on top of that they gave us a “poor experience” rating! These people. These are the kinds of people your Mama warned you about when you were growing up. I’ll leave it at that! Haha. Oh well, hey they gave the house itself a great rating so it’s whatever.

Showings are miserable. That’s all there is to it.

Now, back to Monday! It’s going to be a great day! Jaxson no longer has that nasty fever he had over the weekend and we’re going to the mall soon to grab some Bath & Body Works soap on clearance! See! It’s going to be a great day!






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