Fall Break Family Fun!

Fall break was in full effect this past week and it was Ah-mazing!

We took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo and the kids LOVED it!

The drive there was a little rough on them and us because the whole “are we there yet!?” every few minutes. Hah.

Jaxson decided before we got there that he doesn’t like the “far away zoo”.

Then when we arrived and walked in he quickly changed his mind!

The Zoo was so much bigger than the one at home that we’re used to!

I asked Mady what her favorite part was and she said all of it!!


We rode the train and got someĀ ice cream and made a great day out of it!

The train was a huge hit with the kids, too!


Rowan did her best to stay up the whole day. She’s used to taking two naps a day so this was crazyness for her to not have a nap.

She is like her Mother and has FOMO, she fought a good fight though. HAHA!



The next day we went to pick pumpkin’s at the patch!

As our family tradition we go to Huber’s every year and spend the day eating, playing in the barnyard and riding a tractor out to the pumpkin patch!

It’s the best time!!!

This year we took my grandma and great grandma with us and my mom and family met us down there!

We all had so much fun!

Also, this would be the public place I mention in yesterday’s post that Jaxson peed in public at.

In his defense…he was at a barn… Hahah.

I love all the memories we are making and I might take way too many pictures but these are the moments I never want to forget!

And yes, part of the tradition is buying my kids matching Halloween shirts to wear every year!

Ok, there are a lot of adorable pictures that I just can’t decide between so here they all come! Haha!

Happy Fall Y’all!













(Don’t mind Mady… **face plam**)

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