Exciting life changes!

So, I’ve been a little MIA on social media the past week or so.

We’ve been SO busy and with Jaxson’s birthday and trying to sell our home and find a new one that I feel like my head is spinning!

(More than usual,Ha.)

I wanted to make a little post about what’s been happening this past week!

So, we have some excitig news…Finally!

We have an accepted offer on our house and we also have an accepted offer on our potential new home!

Now, we have the LONG 30-40 day wait and hoping that no one changes their mind.

I can’t even put into words how relieved I am that we got an offer. We actually recieved TWO offers on our house on Jaxson’s birthday!

It was truly magical, as Jaxson would say. Haha.

As you know from a previous post the showings were killer for me.

Keeping the house spotless with three kids, a cat, and a dog was seriously hell.

If I would have had a reality show during all of that it would have been a hit.

Or I would have looked like the meanest Mom ever…

“Don’t touch that!”  “Don’t move!” “Shoes. NOW!” “Don’t even breath!!!”

So, I know the kids will be happy when it’s all said and done and they can live a little. Haha!

So the house thing is looking good so far, and I am staying positive!

I’m sure there are some bumps in the road to come but we got this!!!

Everything will be okay.

With all of this house stuff we also got to celebrate a special little boy turning 4!

Monday was Jaxon’s 4th birthday!

We woke him up with lots of balloons in his room and a gift.


It’s tradition in our family that on your birthday you get a candle in whatever you’re having for breakfast and we sing Happy Birthday!

This year we had pancakes!

We had a small party with our grandma and great grandma at their house for lunch then we partied hard that night!


This was the first year we had his party somewhere.

We rented a party room at KaZoing that had lots of big bounce houses and slides.

It was great!

I loved every second of watching him run around like a crazy kid at his party!

It’s safe to say he had a great birthday with lots of family and friends that we are so grateful for!

Now, I am going to use a couple hours while Jaxson and Mady are at school to finish up editing a family shoot and get some senior pictures on a CD and ready to go!

I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying life!









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