Easy teacher gift!


Ok, so I’ll just say it. I’m lazy! Lol! Not like couch potato lazy, just like I don’t feel like crafting every little thing we do, lazy!

Although I do LOVE seeing all of the DIY and crafty stuff from so many good mama’s I follow.

That just simply is not me.

Pinterest stresses me. I want to do it all, but realistically I just can’t!

So, the easiest thing I can get together will do just fine. 🙂


Here’s what we got:

-Cute cup from Meijer

-Target gift card

-Lip balm


I thought we would top it off with a note from Mady and myself thanking her wonderful teacher for being a great role model!


Jaxson loves making sure he’s in every picture with his big sis too! haha!

Now let’s get these last couple of days over with and cheers to SUMMER!!

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