Confessions of a SAHM saying goodbye to summer vacation!


Summer vacation is officially over and the kids have went back to school.

For some parents they are jumping for joy. For others they are weeping in their car on the way back from dropping the kids off at school. For me, I find myself somewhere in between.

Summer break was awesome! We didn’t have to wake up and rush off to get ready for school. Even though my kids don’t understand summer vacation is for sleeping in yet. It was nice just to wake up and not go ANYWHERE. Well, at least not go anywhere until 10am or later. With that being said- working moms. I feel for you ladies. PROPS.

This summer we did so much. We got out of the house every day because for my 7,3 and 1 year old, outings are much needed. Even if it is for me to just get them all buckled in somewhere safe and take a relaxing car ride. Like, to Starbucks drive thru or something. Hah. Seriously though so many unforgettable adventures this summer other than the Starbucks drive thru and Chick-Fil-A. Haha!


Here’s how our first day back to school went:

I took my oldest to the bus stop and proudly waved her off to a new year of school. Then I took my three year old to his preschool. I was so excited for him to get to be the little social butterfly that he is with all of his friends! One thing I get excited for when summer vacation is over is that my children are beginning new chapters. They will be meeting new friends and getting new teachers. New, new, new! So exciting.

There is also that other part of me crying on the inside that they have to go. Sad that they are going to be happily leaving me and doing things with their teachers that I would love to be there for.  (Yes, I can also be a little bit of a creepy mom.)  Sad that we won’t have all the days to spend together. No more random trips to the park and days spent at the water park. Sad to say good bye to summer nights of staying up too late and watching movies.

PicMonkey Collage kjsd

After everyone is dropped off it’s just the 1 year old and myself now and I have BIG cleaning plans. Just so you know our house became pretty disgusting over the summer. I tried real hard to keep up and eventually just gave up a little. It’s like running on a hamster wheel. I would clean the kitchen and living room every day and when I went to bed it looked like nothing had been done. I started the days cleaning the same mess. Every single day. SO, now that 2 of 3 kids are in school for a few hours I have been a mopping, dusting, redecorating machine! Since the kids have went back to school I haven’t stopped. Between the cleaning and chasing the 1 year old and trying to contain her and entertain her. I’m tired.

I’ve had my pumpkin scented candle going everyday since the kids have been back to school. I’ve started a new tradition this year. First day of school means first pumpkin candle is lit! Let the basic me shine bright! It’s been great. I feel all giddy inside getting things all clean again. Kids back into a good school routine. Having this schedule and a clean house makes a girl feel real good about herself and life. You know they say happy wife means a happy life. Well, happy mama means happy babes.


I know the kids love coming home to this version of me. Not saying that summer version is a miserable beast. It’s just that summer version of mom is a little more on edge and less patient. Because once you hear “mom” for the 200th time of the day you tend to get a little crazy feeling. Now, when they’re in school we have new things to talk about and discuss. Plus, now I only hear mom maybe 200 times total instead of 800 per day. LOL.

 Through all of the crazyness and the 800 “MOMS!” a day I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I am thankful to be home with them everyday.  At the same time I am happy to send them off in to the world of school to gain a bit of sanity and calmness back into my life. As much as I can at least with the fresh walking screaming/babbling adorable one year old. 🙂

Here’s to an amazing and safe school year and hopefully a little more re-charging for all the Mama’s out there!





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