Being in the thick of it & also loving it

Our life has been a little hectic lately.

A lot of things are happening and changing all around us and it’s a lot to take in at times.

Like they say, when it rains it pours.

As many of you know we just moved into a bigger house which also means a bigger mortgage, so then it would only make sense for Greg to get hurt at work right after we move, ha.

I’m not laughing at him but if you can’t laugh at these inconvenient times, well, what are ya gonna do? Right!?

I know we are not alone in these struggles!

His work will still be paying him so don’t freak out! Haha

We’re just unsure about the future right now.

I decided to look into going back to work and I had my first interview in about four years the other day!

I’m pretty excited about it and wish I could share more but I can’t right now!

Just know that the excitement is real and I really hope I get it, haha!

No matter the outcome though I know somehow things will always work out.

This is what life is all about, anyway.

The good, bad, stressful, hard, sad, overwhelming, happy times!

Adult-ing at it’s finest.

The hardest part about possibly going back to work for me is figuring out how I can juggle the kids and spend time with them!

Thinking of not seeing them all week just kills me and I give HUGE props to all the full time working Moms that have no other choice but to be at work!

I haven’t even went back yet and it hurts my heart! Ha.

Okay, enough about the hard stuff.

Today we were able to get out and enjoy the amazing weather together and we went to the Farmer’s Market, lunch, Starbucks and then back home to play outside!

Our favorite things to get at our farmer’s market are pumpkin muffins and fresh flowers!

Jaxson has been all about sunflowers this summer so those have been all we’ve been getting and I’m diggin’ it!

The weather here today is giving me all the fall like feels and I’m all for it by the way!

Speaking of Fall, it can’t get here soon enough and then I can rock all my fall girl faves with a side of pumpkin everything! Haha!

Also, I HAVE the cutest thing that Jaxson did today at the farmer’s market..

While they were playing with some other boys in the play house one of the boys said “no girls allowed” to Rowan and my little man stood up for his baby sis!

Jaxson proudly grabbed Rowan’s hands and told the boys “this is MY little sister!” almost like you all better back off because I got her back! haha!

It was THE sweetest thing ever!

Gah, I love the little protecter that he is!

He just makes me so proud every day.

I’m such a lucky Mama.





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