Balance and Motherhood

Hello new blog post, it’s been a while.

I don’t get to write new blog posts as much as I would like to but I know there will be a season where I can write more and have a little more ‘thinking time’ as I call it.

Right now I’m squeezing this in because the big kids aren’t home and the sick baby is napping!

All these kids of mine leave my brain feeling like the dried up Play-doh you find under the table by the end of the days here lately, haha!

We’re in a season of chaos right not, and I’m not sure if it will ever not be, but that’s okay!

I know that it won’t always be this way and that these obstacles we’re facing now will even out and there will be new ones to face eventually.

That’s just life!

Life will never slow down, you have to just do the things you want, now!

I told Greg the other day “the future is NOW” and he looked at me crazy, haha!

I’m a huge believer in doing the things now and not waiting.

If I always wait for the ‘right time’ I would be dead and gone before I even started something.

That’s where balance comes in.

B A L A N C E.

I kept hearing this word balance tossed around when I first became a mother.

I get it now. Totally, fully freakin get it!

Some days my house will be clean, some days it will not be.

Those clean house days will probably be the days that Jaxson and Mady went to school and Rowan took a long nap. They could also be the days that Mady and Jaxson got more ipad time than I’d like to admit and Rowan had the TV on basically all day and played independently.

Clean house days require less crunchy mama time.

Other days (most days) the house will be a wreck. It may not look totally crazy to an outsider, but they aren’t seeing the laundry that I haven’t folded hiding in our bedroom for days…maybe weeks.(I really need to get better about laundry.) haha!

So basically what I’m saying is that my house can’t be super clean and organized the same day that I sat with the kids and did cute finger paintings or focused solely on them the entire day. No. I need to balance out what I am doing. Some days I’m all healthy and serving home cooked meals, and other days when I’m tired and can barely think it’s a Chick Fil A drive thru day.

All these days happen in our household!

Balance, remember?

My main goal in life is to just raise happy healthy kids that grow up to be kick ass adults and know how much I loved them and cared about them.

I hope that one day when they are older and look back at their childhood they feel warm and cozy on the inside. I hope they remember how much they were loved and how Mom always tried to have a happy and welcoming space for them to come home to.

I hope that when I become a grandmother (somewhere in the far far far far future) that they will always come to me first with any problems. Weather it be needing childcare or a little help in life, because to me that is what family is all about and that’s the kind of family we want to raise. Helping each other out and raising our family together!

Our door will always be open.

This is our life, and it’s only the beginning!




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