Adultin’ Ain’t Easy!

Twenty six has brought some pretty big adult decisions so far.

We are in the middle of selling our house and purchasing our new home.

I want to say forever home, but honestly knowing Greg and I we might want something new and different in 10 years.

You never know what you’re going to get with us!

One thing I know about us is that we are always evolving and having new life plans and goals.

That’s one thing I love about us!

The only thing that we have been consistent about is our family plan. Four kids.

Then, last week happened and Greg was a guest on the Podcast Grown Ass Man and he told them he might want five now! Haha…Hard no. Sorry babe. Unless twins happen…

That would be interesting.

Now for a little update on life lately!

We have had inspections on our current house and the maybe new home.


The inspection process has been the most stressful!

I know, I have said that showings were bad…but now I know that was the easy part.

Our home inspection didn’t come back great.

We have had this house for 4 years yet there are a million things wrong with it that apparently weren’t caught when we bought the house.

For starters it needs a new roof.

Oh boy.

The day we got the news about how our inspection went was the same day and time we were getting our *hopeful* new house inspection done.

There was a lot going on at once and my ears were ringing from stress.

We had some big decisions to make and I didn’t even know where to begin.

That night I had a dream my teeth were falling out!

Obviously I googled what that meant when I woke up..Haha!

What do you know, it was right on:

“Dreams about teeth falling out could represent the cost of making a compromise that is not satisfying for you or is bringing your life out of balance. We tend to have this type of dream when we are confronted with decisions to make, but feel we have limited options available. The symbolic images used in the dream language illustrate the risk making a decision that could costly.”

Interesting, huh?

Now, here we are four long stressful days later and we have sent back our counter offer on what we have agreed to have replaced and done to our house and we are not so patiently waiting for their response.

I hate waiting!!

I do know that whatever is meant to be will be and we are at peace knowing that whatever their decision will be it will all work out.

For now, we wait!

It won’t be too hard keeping busy during the day with the kids and cleaning and mountains of laundry!

It’s night time when Greg is passed out next to me and I’m just laying there thinking of a¬†million things.

That’s what will be the hardest!

Maybe I’ll have more dreams that my teeth are falling out! Haha!

I’ll keep you all updated.

No matter what is going on in our life I know that we are so blessed to have everything that we do have.

Happy Monday!






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