About me

Hi! My name is Amber Florence. Born and raised in Louisville, Ky. Wife to one and mother to three.

A little bit about myself- I’m 26 years old.  Married to my best friend, Greg Florence, whom I never would have imagined to be married to if you asked me 10 years ago – you can always read our cute little love story! I am a Target lover. Picture taking machine. Coffee lover (obviously). I also love trying new things! I basically wing it on a daily basis. However, I still need some sort of schedule in my life because with three kiddos life just wouldn’t work if I didn’t do things a certain way…and I would loose whatever mind that I do have left! hahaha!

Madelyn, Jaxson and Rowan are the crazy and wonderful kids. Mady is 8, Jaxson is 4 and Rowan is 2. And yes, I feel like I just gave birth to all three of them last week!  They inspire me every day to be a better mother and person all around! You will be seeing A LOT of those little guys on my blog. Which if I must say, it’s going to most likely be the best part! They are pretty cute.:)