A taste of summer!

This week has been a little peek into what our summer will look like!

Mady got a day off of school for Election Day and we took full advantage!

I loaded everyone in the car and took the kids with me to VOTE!

They were so excited!

I told them we were using our voice and going to vote!

I’m trying my best to lead by example for these little ones.

Mady was thrilled. She had so many questions, and was quite the patriot that day!

Rowan, I see you girl! haha! ^

Jaxson was as excited as he could be too! Especially when he seen that we were voting at Mady’s school!

I’m pretty sure bringing my little tribe brightened up everyone’s day while we were there.

After we were done there I took them to burn off some energy at House of Boom!

That place was AH-mazing!

They are STILL talking about how much fun they all had.

I even found a cozy little area to nurse Rowan! Winning!

Now, we just need to get these last few days of school over with and summer to get here!

I am sooo ready to do fun stuff with them everyday this summer.

This was just a little taste of what this summer looks like! Wahhoo!

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