Birthday week//Packing week

A little update on what’s been going on in the Florence life this week.

I turned 26 this week! Woo!

We got our bathroom floor finished up and now it’s time for the hard part.


Greg and I spent all Monday cleaning and organizing the garage because that thing was a MESS.

Now, we have a big pile of things to donate!

I was going to try and push out a yard sale this weekend.

But who am I kidding!?

Having a yard sale with three kids while your husband works is laughable.

Donate it is. Plus, donating makes me feel good!

In the middle of this crazy week I got to take a little break and celebrate turning 26!



For my birthday festivities this year I had a little brunch with my family while Mady was at school.

Then when Greg got home from work we all went to one of my favorite restaurants with the in-laws for dinner!


After dinner, we came back home to do my lovely cake that I baked myself and let the kids decorate.

Yes. I gave the kids all the sprinkles and icing and told them to have at it!

It was the sprinkliest cake you ever did see! Haha!picmonkey-image

It was a great birthday with my most important people.

Birthdays to me these days are more about just being with your closest loved ones and celebrating you!

It was a good day.

Now, today back to the grind.

Letting Jaxson play on the tablet way too long while I try to attempt boxing this house up.

Figuring out what’s for dinner.

Trying to keep the kids entertained and alive these next few weeks is going to be exhausting! Haha!

Seriously, I’m not even sure how this moving process is possible with kids but we will figure it out like we always do.

Then, when it’s all over and the dust is settled I’ll give myself a little pat on the back and feel like super mom again!

Boy, do I look forward to that day!

Thanks for reading!

Back to packing for me!





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