2017, I See You!

Well hello there and Happy New Year! I know, I know, I’m a little late on the New Year blog – but hey kids be crazy!

Currently Rowan is talking to herself in her crib while she is supposed to be settling down for a nap and I’ve got Jaxson planted and watching a movie with some popcorn.  (Do what ya gotta do, right!? Haha!)

Now let’s talk, 2017.

So far I’m killing it! I started off 2017 ready for new beginnings and plans.

I bought a new planner, got a gym membership and I’ve even been making more home cooked meals!

Like I said, KILLIN’ IT! Hahah!

Hopefully I can keep up with myself and not fall back into old routines.

I’ve been waking up before everyone else in the house in the mornings and going to the gym.

I’ll admit that the morning thing wasn’t my first choice. I’ve never liked mornings and having to wake up.

However, it’s kind of my only option to go to the gym since Greg works so much and I would never know for sure when he gets home so I could go to the gym.

This schedule just works better for our house plus since I’ve started doing this I LOVE it.

It’s kind of turned me into a morning person.

I feel good when I get up and have a little quiet time for myself and being able to just be alone.

I’ve also got so much energy now! Like, crazy weird energy that makes me clean a lot and just do so much!

This new routine has made me a better version of myself and I hope that I can turn this into a lifestyle.

This year I want to take better care of myself and so far it’s paying off in the Mommy department.

So take care of yourself Mama’s! Your whole family will benefit and you will feel so good from the inside out!

In other news…

This year I would love to get pregnant again.

Since my miscarriage at the end of November I’ve kept myself occupied with the holidays and all.

But now the thought of pregnancy is starting to creep back in my mind and I want it!

I’m hesitant to think about it too much but since it’s been on my mind the past few days I want to get it out there and blog about it!

When we had the last miscarriage I told Greg I didn’t want to “try” anymore and I just want to let it happen.

Now that it’s been a little bit I find myself eager to try again.

Just thinking of it all makes me so nervous and little less excited.

Before the miscarriages I would have just been over the moon to think about getting pregnant again.

This time is different.

This time I’m nervous, impatient, worried, happy.

It’s a lot of emotions all mixed in together and it’s all out of my control.

Jaxson still talks about the baby we lost and every time he does I feel like my heart could burst into a million pieces.

I can’t wait to be able to tell them again that they are going to have a new little baby.

They’re going to give that new baby so much love.

We’re all hoping for a sticky baby this year and I can’t wait to finally deliver some happy news on here and start pregnant blogging! Haha!

So, stay tuned…Baby coming sometime! 😉


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